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TMP participated in the third seminar on railway reinforced soil technology

On 27th~28th October, 2023, the third railway reinforced soil technology seminar was held in Yichang City, Hubei Province.The general manager of the company and Wang Dun Sheng manager led the team, and the marketing department of the company and the general manager of Chengdu Lubao Wang Fei attended the seminar. 

The contents of the meeting include the promulgation of the standard of Technical Specification for the Application of Geosynthetics for Railway Subgrade, the site observation of reinforced earth retaining wall in Yichang North EMU of Shanghai-Chongqing-Chengdu high-speed railway and the international forum on railway geosynthetics technology. In the international forum, European, American, Japanese and domestic technical experts will be invited to give a report.

At this meeting, our company actively interacted with relevant personnel of China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group. During the period, the first was to display and promote company‘s products, especially the birth of the first domestic polypropylene filament geotextile production line independently developed by TMP Geosynthetics, which rewritten the history that domestic polypropylene filament fabrics could only be produced by foreign equipment and filled the domestic gap, which was a historic breakthrough; The second is to publicize the technical support and design ability of reinforcement, which can provide professional reinforcement technical solutions. In this regard, the staff of China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group have given recognition and praise. During the exchange, TMP Geosynthetics also established contact information with China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group, which laid a certain foundation for the follow-up work.

In addition, TMP Geosynthetics also conducted in-depth docking exchanges and established contacts with relevant personnel such as China Railway First Survey and Design Institute, China Railway Second Survey and Design Institute and China Railway Third Survey and Design Institute, which deepened mutual understanding and established a good foundation for further interaction.

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