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Record the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Taian Modern Plastic Co., Ltd.

The 25th Anniversary Ceremony of TMP was grandly held at Wanda Realm Hotel On June 6, 2023. "TMP’s Road is as Stable as Mount Tai". The company’s president, general manager and leadership team, special guests, the deputy general manager of TMP America, the general manager of Chengdu Lubao Company and all employees gathered together to participate in the event.


This event is divided into three chapters: meeting, performance and luncheon.


At the beginning of the conference, all participants reviewed the 25 years road that TMP has

taken through a short film "TMP - The Power of Resilience".


In the past twenty-five years, we have walked through the whole journey, and every touch left behind has turned into a story written in our hearts. At the meeting site, the excellent writing works of the theme of "TMP Road, Steady as Mount Tai" and the perfect photographic works that recorded the TMP’s irreplaceable contributions to China’s infrastructure were commended and reward.


A great company can not develop well without excellent employees, also can not let alone excellent partners. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of TMP, we have ushered in new strength. TMP and Chengdu Lubao Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. joined forces to reach a strategic cooperation. The two parties completed the strategic signing ceremony at the meeting.


Then the general manager and the vice general managers expressed their affectionate wishes for the company’s 25th birthday in turn. At the end of the meeting, the president made an important speech.


Adhering to the original intention to create a career, we will forge ahead with our ambitions for the future. At the meeting, the president reviewed the glorious development of the company in the past 25 years. The president expressed that the years are like a song, and the entrepreneurial scene in the past is still vivid in his mind. Over the past 25 years, the TMP people who stick to their original aspirations and forge ahead despite the wind and rain, under the corporate culture values of integrity and innovation, have made great efforts to innovate and develop, and have overcome multiple small economic cycles under the influence of various factors. From weak to strong, from single to multiple, TMP is on the way to grow into a leading enterprise in the domestic geosynthetics materials industry with a taxpaying of over 10 million. The president expressed that in the next 25 years, TMP will continue to focus on the values of "Integrity and Innovation", adhere to the business philosophy of customer first, and adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, work hard, to use more advanced management and technology to create better products and serve customers, and to contribute to the country. "The trend of ambition has no limits, and the mountains and the sea cannot be limited." The 25-year-old TMP is just like a high-spirited and ambitious young man with a sword in his hands.


The brilliant act performances were following after the conference. The three leading films brought everyone into a wonderful visual feast. Opening dance "We Workers Have Power", customized allegro "New Chapter of TMP", immersive performance "The Route", "A Little Thing", customized magic "25 Years - A Moment", dance "Backbone - Responsibility", the song and dance "The Best Stage", acrobatics "Walk into the Future", and immersive narration "Cohesion Creates the Future" and other performances have climaxes, which were dizzying.


The luncheon and celebration were full of joy and happiness. The multi-talented TMP employees wrote, directed and performed healthy dance, drama, three-and-a-half sentences, poetry recitation and other wonderful performances. The nearly two-hour banquet was exciting. Among them were the ingenuity, versatility, and youthful vitality of TMP people. These fully demonstrate the demeanor of TMP staffs, making all the participants enjoy these so much as to forget to leave, with a long aftertaste. In the middle of the banquet, there was also a lottery draw, which constantly set off the climax of the banquet. The exciting lottery draw made singing, applause and cheers rippling in the hall all the time...


Only by not forgetting the original aspiration, we can always succeed. We can live up to our youth with dreams as horses. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we are fully prepared to meet the challenges. TMP will continue to keep integrity and innovate, with a brand-new vision and pattern to go far, and start a new journey with great efforts! Today, with great joy, we share the joy of TMP twenty-fifth birthday. Tomorrow, we will continue to embrace the dreams of TMP people, to show our passion, to muster our courage, to live up to our original aspirations, to forge ahead, to help the TMP foundation to last forever, and become a century-old enterprise!


The following are excerpts from the event pictures


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